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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love the sinister feel your intro has at the very beginning of this song. As a massive metal head, guitar lover and player myself. I have to commend you on this track my brother. The melody is remarkably exquisite; the riffs in between the breaks with the soloing in the background make this track a masterpiece all on its own. The only thing i can honestly say that is a slight bug in the composition is that the soloing sections sound a little bit too quiet (at least for my taste). Now this is not necessarily a bad thing because all you really need to improve this track a little bit Is. Maybe tweak some of the audio from the soloing sections slightly. That way it sounds a little bit sharper and it rebounds more inside of your head when other people are listening to it. I only say this because my ears are picking up on very small amounts of feedback that sound comparable to whitenoise. This is predominantly stronger every three beats or so in the progression so its very easy to miss. Now I feel that this overpowers the guitar during the solo and makes it sound slightly muffled but not so much that most normal people would take notice. I also sense as if the real heart and soul of this piece was in how you arpeggiated and shredded during the times the melody took a slight break. That being said If you beef up the drums a couple notches higher along with the cymbals it also would greatly enhance the overall quality of the track. But all those things aside this was an EXCELLENT piece of music and im extremely proud to have been able to analyze and review it, you get a 5.5 for your effort, performance and ability to mix this track, i know its only a preview and your still working it. But just know you have a fan in me. And you have an extreme amount of talent and potential my brother. I don't think there are any doubts when i say this, you are naturally talented musician you should pursue this passion for music till the ending of your days

Sincerely ~Vicious Vice aka Reddevilx Aka CrazedDevil606 aka xxtacokillerxx1 aka Grover aka Grovestreet aka Ghouly

Regret Regret

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love the way the piano plays in the background of the song. The tolling of the bell in the background is perfect but if i would recommend anything it would to maybe slightly lower the effects volume as its slightly overpowering to the ears but not so much that an untrained ear would notice. As a fellow musician and artist i commend you on this excellent track sir it sounds beautiful and i see alot of potential in it . If youd ever like to remix this someday i feel that if you added some dubstep sounds into this track im pretty sure youd would get a lot of listeners. Keep the great work my brother for music is the window into the soul

BlueOceans responds:

Thank you for the review! I scouted you this morning btw.